1. The start date of the warranty period mentioned in this policy refers to the date of shipment of the product from Shenzhen Juhong Interconnect Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Juhong Internet”). The deadline for the warranty period can be checked on the official website by entering the product serial number. The warranty period is not affected by the maintenance of the product. For repaired or replaced equipment, the warranty period is calculated on the date of initial shipment.

    2. Under the conditions of normal use described in the product manual, quality problems occur in the hardware during the warranty period. Juhong Internet has the right to decide whether to repair or replace the faulty parts. If replacement is performed, the replacement parts may be new equipment or be equivalent. Repairs of categories, functions, and quality, and faulty parts that were replaced belong to the company.

    3. In the event that the product fails within one month of the customer's receipt or within one month after the acceptance of the project product in the Engineer's acceptance of Juhung, Juhong will give the customer a replacement of the new product. In the case of repairs that do not occur within the above time range, Juhong will provide users with a well-functioning backup machine or provide the user with maintenance of the original machine.

    4. In the normal use condition of the product description, if the software fails to meet the functional standards stated in the product specification during the warranty period, or if quality problems occur in the software media, Juhong Internet will replace the software media or repair software defects for free. For defective software, Juhong Internet has the right to decide whether to use patch software for maintenance or to provide upgrade software for replacement.

    5. During the warranty period, when the product fails, the customer can call the customer service hotline (0755-36822658). The after-sales service specialist will assist the customer to initiate the corresponding repair process and provide technical support for fault diagnosis.

    6. For the products that have been discontinued and cannot be repaired during the warranty period, the replacement product plan for discontinuation products established by Juhong Interconnect will be replaced with the same series of products that are not inferior to the original product performance.

    7. The logistics costs incurred for after-sale repairs shall be borne by the sender. After the customer sends out the returned parts, he must confirm with the after-sales commissioner and inform the express delivery number. Juhong Internet refused to accept the face sheet is not clear, without any description of the label, as well as the courier before sending and our after-sales staff confirmed. If the courier is lost or damaged during transit, the sender will initiate a chargeback and compensation.

    8. If the equipment fails after the warranty period expires, Juhong will provide a single paid repair service depending on the maintenance conditions. The maintenance service fee is based on the final maintenance report. If the product has been withdrawn from the market and there is no maintenance material, Juhong Internet will not provide maintenance services and return the failure machine.

    9. Customers can purchase extended warranty services before the equipment is insured. For details, please refer to the Juhong Internet Enterprise Product Extended Insurance Policy. The service is one year minimum purchase unit.

    Warranty Disclaimer

    The following conditions are not covered by the normal warranty:
    1. The software and hardware have been modified, replaced, and disassembled without permission.
    2. The product has not been installed or used in accordance with the method described in the manual issued by the company.
    3. Damage due to impact, fire, lightning, fluids, human negligence, and natural disasters.
    4. Cracks caused by abrasion, scratches, falling paint, and impact during normal use of the product's housing.
    5. Accessories and consumables are not covered by the warranty, such as random manuals, power cords, cables, and configuration cables. 6. The product warranty, serial number and other information are altered, torn, etc.

    special reminder

    1 Juhong Interconnect does not guarantee customer data stored in its products or related to products in other forms. Customers need to be responsible for backing up relevant data to prevent loss.

    2 (Important) Equipment Repair Please make sure that only the host of the faulty machine is sent to Juxing for maintenance. Attach any attachments such as mounting lugs or power cords, or accessories such as optical modules and interface cards, and confirm that they have been removed before returning the repaired package. Juhong Interconnect does not guarantee that the spare parts or return parts sent out contain the above accessories. If the resulting attachments and accessories are lost, Juhong will not assume any responsibility.

    3 The above terms and conditions stipulate all the responsibilities of the company, and supersede all other express and implied warranties and/or responsibilities. When the product fails, Juhung Internet will be replaced in accordance with the above terms. There is no other guarantee. , If the country's applicable laws expressly provide otherwise, Juhong Internet will comply with the law.