FiberLink's service system far exceeds the concept of technical support only for troubleshooting. The focus of Juhong's technical support is to improve the overall network operating life cycle (from planning, design to implementation and operation), and plays an important role in it. Character. Juhong's technical support program is designed to impart technology and knowledge to users and partners to improve their capabilities and increase the overall return of Juhong's products.

Product service standards

Divided by service content, including remote support services, on-site support services, training services, software upgrade services, and warranty services.
According to the nature of services, including free services and paid services.
According to the warranty period included, the service during the warranty period and services outside the warranty period.
The free services that can be provided during the warranty period include: remote support services, on-site support services, training services, software upgrade services, and warranty services.
Services available outside the warranty period include free limited remote support services, software upgrade services, and paid on-site support services, repair services, training services, and some remote support services.
Juhong Company has a clear definition of fault levels for network faults based on its years of experience in network maintenance.

 Failure level description:

First-Class Failures Juhong network equipment is down, and for this reason has a serious impact on the end-user business operations.
Secondary failures The operating performance of Juhong network equipment has been severely degraded, or the performance of the network has been significantly degraded, which has had an important impact on the end-user business operations.
Three-stage faults The operational performance of Juhong network equipment is impaired, but most of the end-users' business operations can still work normally.
Level 4 Faults Information or support is required for the function, installation, or configuration of Juhung network products, or the end user's business operations can work properly.

Juhong Company will provide corresponding service subjects to partners or end users according to the specific fault level.

1, remote support services:
Remote support service is an effective means to improve the efficiency of network system services. Juhong Company, which wins with superb technology and excellent service, provides customers with first-rate remote support services.
Juhong provides a variety of remote service forms that are close to users, and to the maximum extent allows users to obtain the technical support services of Juhong Company more quickly and easily.

(1) Telephone Support Services

Telephone support services can provide an unlimited number of telephone technical support to partners or end-users to ensure the best quality technical services to end users.

Juhong provided high-quality telephone technical support for its products.

The senior technical engineers of Juhong Customer Service Department and the technical engineers of the local offices can support the technical issues of Juhong's full-line network products.

Provides 5x8 hours of telephone support to the average user every week, and provides 7×24 hours of telephone support for users who have special provisions in the contract.

Service response time: Juhung technical support engineer responds within one working hour after receiving a telephone technical consultation and is always in touch with you to inform the solution.

Users can enjoy this service in all levels of fault conditions.
The users of Juhong products can obtain the above services for free for life.

(2) Remote debugging service

In order to more quickly and accurately communicate with users and solve problems, Juhong provides efficient and powerful remote debugging services, shortening the time for problem solving. Based on the characteristics of network devices, the efficiency of remote diagnostics is significantly higher than on-site diagnostics for general network equipment failures. Because the time of remote diagnosis does not include the time required for the technician to arrive at the scene.

Remote log-in: Juhong can help users solve problems online by remotely logging in under the condition that the customer submits fault records to report the situation. Currently two remote login methods are provided: INTERNET telnet and remote login for telephone dialing.

Users can enjoy this service in all levels of fault conditions.
The above service is provided free of charge during the user's warranty period.

(3) Remote Assistance Service

Juhong Company can provide services such as consultation and question answering to customers through email, fax, etc.

Users can enjoy this service in all levels of fault conditions.
The users of JUHONG products can obtain the above services for free for life.


2, on-site support services
When the remote service cannot solve the problem, Juhong Company can send technical personnel to provide on-site support services to help users analyze and solve problems.

Service scope: On-site support services can provide: installation, commissioning, and troubleshooting of Juhong products. Maintenance of faulty parts during on-site troubleshooting does not fall within the scope of this service.

Service Confirmation: After the on-site support service, Juhong engineers will submit a written report on the technical service to the user.

Response time: Juhong's technical support engineers will arrive in the provincial capital city with offices within 12 hours and the province within 24 hours. Provincial cities without offices have 48 hours.
During the warranty period, if the network fails due to the hardware and software problems of Juhong Company's network equipment, Juhong Company will be responsible for resolving the problems completely and free of charge, and for the non-Juhong Company product causes on-site support services, Juhong Company will Charge a reasonable service fee. The service fee is: 800 yuan/personday.
The product has passed the warranty period, then the on-site support service is paid service. The service fee is: 800 yuan/person

 3, software upgrade services:

Juhong Company provides users with free software version upgrades.
Users can also get upgrade software via email, disk or CD.
This service does not include upgrading software to users on site.
The users of Juhong products can obtain the above services for free for life