R&D and the market are the lifeblood of the company. JUH has an independent product research and development technology solution. The production relies on the powerful electronic processing capability of the Pearl River Delta and establishes a strategic partnership with the famous electronics foundries in the country, entrusting them to manufacture and manufacture some products. Product production capacity exceeds 100,000 units/month.
• In order to ensure the stability of the carrier-grade products and the durability of the harsh environment, Juhung selects and inspects the materials according to strict criteria and purchases all materials on its own to ensure the consistency of the delivered product quality.
• Juhong adopts the form of leased production line to cooperate with the foundry, and guarantees the processing quality of each batch of products through its own quality personnel with the line and quality inspection, and the product yield is high.
• Through cooperative production methods, Juhong’s foundries have more than 8 SMT and assembly lines. The current foundries have passed the quality certification of many countries and regions including China, the United States, Japan, and Europe to configure Siemens/Fujitsu Corporation. Advanced processing equipm